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Bewertungen für Atlas Van Lines  December 11, 2016 – 09:47 am
Top 106 Complaints and Reviews about Atlas Van Lines

Some departments are very toxic- where to start? Some toxic individuals rule, antagonize entire depts and are allowed to do so even though have been reported to HR several times. Particular individuals permitted to passive-aggressively bully entire depts as they're adept, calculating, and emotionally manipulative. Hey Atlas- did you know you can be sued for complicit bullying, harassment in the workplace!?! Most directors here have little business training, don't provide actual direction (begrudge having meetings even), and enjoy ridiculous salaries while "underlings" receive pitiful pay and are debased with vile abuse. You'll have to put in copious amounts of overtime, but don't dare ask for OT compensation. How about actually monitoring individual performance and give merit raises? Nepotism runs high here to the detriment of dept budgets, financial goals - but hey, "we're a family". Most upper management has caustic attitude toward, no openness to listening to younger (educated) employees (outright rarely letting you finish a sentence), and are just bitterly coasting to retirement. There is a just such a blatant disregard for professionalism (sexual harassment, verbal abuse) in this office- you wonder if you're in a nightmare/alternate dimension. Furthermore, the ongoing and complicit acceptance of abuse from upper management is appalling. You can't trust your managers, HR or senior management. Amazingly useless review system with unattainable scores, even if you're model employee- great way to fester the already rampant culture of mediocrity. Another way upper management can be spared of reallocating their six-figure salaries. You're also given 10 sick days/yr but scolded for taking them. Want to save the company money? Move majority of workers to virtual office and downsize building.Save yourself grey hairs and stress- don't consider working here.

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