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Auburn Moving & Storage  July 12, 2017 – 02:08 pm
Auburn Moving Company - 1 Hillview Rd Newcastle, CA - Cargo
10000 Hillview Rd
Newcastle, CA 95658
(530) 823-8685

We hired Auburn Moving & Storage for a local move, about 20 miles to our new house in February 2017. The pros: Rob, the owner, was very thorough in his initial walk through of our house. He identified how many trucks and movers it would take for all our stuff and he was very professional. He provided us a quote on the spot after a few minutes of calculation. There was very good communication from the original estimate all the way to the day of the move. The moving team arrived on time on move day and packed up everything by lunch time. It was a long day of moving, but everything was unpacked by the end of the day. There were a few issues, but no one is perfect. Rob took great effort to make sure we were satisfied customers and that all our issues were resolved. I won't go into our specific issues that we had since they were fairly minor, but I can say that Rob make sure everything was addressed and resolved. I recommended this company to a co-worker. Just know that movers have a hard job that is very physically demanding.

My move originated with this company, from the Lake of the Pines area in CA. Well let me tell you, first off my shipment, which by any means was only a partial move, yet it was sent out in two shipments. I have missing household and personal items, I am missing personal items that belonged to my husband, who passed away in Dec. that I can not replace. And to top things off, my dining table which was one of the last purchases we made prior to my husband's death, has numerous scratches and a gouge in it. I filed a complaint with Bekins, had one phone call from them and haven't heard a word since. I had to go through my insurance company to cover my losses, except the damage to the table which is not covered. Why is Bekins not responsible, they are the problem. They lost my items and damaged my furniture, and they walk away clean? Where in the hell is the logic to this? Again, I have made calls to Bekins and I do not get a response. This is pathetic and irresponsible. A word of caution to others, this could happen to you. Think twice before using this company.

Auburn Moving company provided an absolutely incredible moving experience. John and his crew ( tommy, Chris, Jason and Lukas ) were friendly fast and service oriented. I was impressed with their perfect packing skills! Our stuff arrived safe and sound with not a scratch! We would recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable move. A big thank you for making a stressful day easy and fun.

I wanted to let you know that AUBURN MOVING CO. Did a great job with our move last weekend... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. They bid my move with a "Not to exceed price of $x.xx". They showed up on time with 6 guys and initially got the job done quicker then planned.. Even though I needed to buy a few boxes for last minute items in my garage, the bid price was actually $200.00 UNDER what they quoted. I've been referring clients to them for years and never had a complaint, but now that I experienced them for myself I can do it with 100% confidence. Furthermore, the crew was proifessional, polite, never used bad language, and they were very helpful and attentive.

Great team of guys. From the estimator to the crew, everyone was friendly and professional. They were true to their bid and protected all of our furniture. The guys were great. The only reason I held back a 5 star rating is they did not hook up the washer and dryer. Just put it in the laundry room so my husband had to do it. I expected that since they disconnected it at the old house, they would have hooked it up at the new. Other then that, they were great.

Instead of looking Auburn Movers telephone number up I decided to go right to Yelp knowing it would be there. Much to my surprise I noticed I did not leave a review after using them 10 months ago, which I am ready to use once again. The two young men Mitch & Gabe who came to move my furniture were very thorough, careful, friendly and fast! I was impressed with how carefully they wrapped my white couch and white chair from the living room so as to not get dirty along with my mothers Teakwood Bar (very sentimental) and all other solid pecan wood and glass pieces. The two men were very patient and accommodating when it came time for them to lift the heavy wood furniture as I wanted to vacuum the under part of the pieces in hopes of not transferring spiders and webbing, for this I was and am very grateful, that house was a big problem when it came to spiders...Eeww. I highly recommend Auburn Movers and will come back to Yelp after my next move coming up in early July.

Wow. Auburn movers just moved us to our new home. They were awesome, very professional, very careful and worked very hard all day. They were recommended by a very good friend. I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend and/or use them again. They also guaranteed the price.

This was the easiest moving company i have ever worked with. Kind, courteous, incredibly professional, and FAST. They got the van perfectly loaded in under an hour! I was shocked. The crew of Ryan, James and John were amazing - so pleasant to be around on one of the most stressful days of my life. They communicated with each other and with us - watching them load the van was like watching something that was choreographed. Thank you guys! I would highly recommend Auburn Moving to everyone - they are the best. Moving is a huge task: Auburn Moving Company made it so much easier for us. I am very grateful to them.

They helped my parents move their household property about 2 weeks ago. Our new house is about 20 minutes to the new house. They were quick, friendly and professional. I believe they might have been extra busy that day. One of the persons says he normally doesn't move furniture anymore, but was needed to help move furniture that day. Also, I thought it was odd that they brought two U-Haul trucks. But, like I said, they were great. And they were straight forward and honest with the final cost. They could have easily moved slower and added 1 -2 hours to the bill, but they only moved quick and efficient. The final bill was actually about 90 minutes shorter than estimated. This was with some very large, custom made China cabinets with lots of glass, and many large glass objects that needed to be moved carefully. Also the man in charge gave us 10 minutes of free help, to help unload a 3rd U-Haul that we had rented separately. It would have taken our family and friends 45-60 minutes to unload the truck, but those movers moved so fast we decided to just get out of their way and watch in amazement at how fast they unloaded it. We were really happy to not have to unload that 3rd truck. When they were finished, we all exchanged handshakes and gave thanks to each other. If our family needs movers again, we would use them for sure.

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