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What is the Average Moving Cost?  June 9, 2017 – 11:59 am
What are the average moving costs? By, a moving industry professional, author and writer. Posted on

If your lease is about to expire or you’re approaching the closing day of your new property, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: “What will be my average moving cost?“. And this is perfectly understandable because it’s the price of the upcoming move that almost all soon-to-be movers find great interest in.

You may have heard the quote that money is what makes the world go round, and chances are that you may not particularly like that statement. However, whether you like it or not is largely irrelevant as you will soon realize that whenever you’re facing a new house move, it’s practically the dollar bills that will make the wheels of the truck go round and round until the destination city or town is reached.

And speaking of average relocation costs, I’m positive that after reading this article, you will have a much better understanding about your average moving costs for your local or long distance move.How much does it cost to hire professional movers? Of course, the first task you need to get done is to decide what moving service type to use, and because there are few options available for you, I’ll try to explain the average cost of moving for each one of them.

The American Moving and Storage Association states that the average cost of an interstate household move is about $4, 300 (distance of 1, 225 miles) and the average cost of an intrastate move is about $2, 300 (4 movers at $200 per hour). Both average moving costs are for 7, 400 pounds.

Full Service Movers Average Costs

If you have chosen to use full service moving companies for your relocation, then in most cases that would be the most expensive option to move your belongings. If you are moving state to state, then the relocation cost of your move will be based on the distance between the old and new location, weight and respectively on the amount of stuff you own. For example, if you’re moving from Chicago to Boston, MA and you live in a 4 bedroom house, your average moving cost with a full service moving company can go over $10000. But if you are moving locally within 100 miles from your old place, this cost will be based on an hourly rate and will vary from company to company.

Average interstate moving costsAverage moving costs per hour (local moves)

If you happen to be moving across town or locally, then it’s important to understand how the moving price is formed. Here are 3 points you should keep in mind throughout your local move so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise when it’s time to cover the expenses at the end of the relocation.

1) Local moving costs can vary greatly depending on your exact location (state and city). Yet, our average moving cost example will give you a good idea of how much money you should get ready to pay in the end of your short distance house move.

2) As a rule of thumb, local movers charge on an hourly basis regardless of the type of activity they are performing at the moment. That is, the hourly tariff stays unchanged regardless of whether they are packing, carrying your household items outside your home, loading these same household goods into the moving vehicle, driving to your destination, unloading your stuff, or carrying all your furniture pieces, household appliances and cardboard boxes over the threshold of your new apartment or house.

3) If you have no idea what the term “travel fee” means, then you’re likely to learn its meaning soon enough. That fee covers the expenses in terms of fuel and time your local moving company needs to reach your home, and then travel back from your second location. Usually, you will be charged a travel fee that equals 1 hour of standard move related work.

What are the average costs of moving house?

The average moving price for local moves is $25 per hour per mover. However, that price can be higher depending on your location within the country. Therefore,

  • Studio apartment: 2 professional movers working for 3-5 hours at an average of $25 each per hour = $150-$250 for completing the entire moving job.
  • 2-bedroom apartment: 3 local movers working for 5-7 hours at an average of $25 each per hour = $375-$525 to get the job done.
  • 3-bedroom house: 4 professional local movers working for 7-10 hours at an average of $25 each per hour = $700-$1000 to complete the house move.
  • Larger homes the estimated local moving costs for larger homes (5, 000 square feet and up) rise sharply and can reach values around $1500-$2000, and even more.

To elaborate further on the average moving cost for a 4 bedroom house, a reputable moving company charges based on the number of movers and trucks used during your move, so the expense for a 4 bedroom house will be around $150-170 per hour for 4 experienced movers and a big moving van that can fit all of your belongings. On top of this moving cost, most moving companies do not include any additional packing costs.

Average Moving Cost Portable moving containers

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