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Top 182 Complaints and Reviews about Father & Son Moving  March 8, 2017 – 12:18 pm
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The worst moving company ever. Please, please do not use this company. If you do you are being a desperate fool. Excuse my French, but I'm dead serious, these people are low lifes, Scumbags waiting to get your belongings on their trucks, with a fake estimate and then up the price on you three times more than what they quoted you over the phone and we all know that estimates aren't real. Yeah that Scumbag Ricki Russo, who calls himself Sal, is behind all the scams that's being done. Trust me, I know how they work. I worked for the scumbag. He get bums off the street to move you just to charge them money for a BS shirt and hat. To advertise his business you have to pay 40$ throw a jumper at you and charge you 75$ for it, force you to take a tool box when you already have tools, and threaten you not to come in without it, send amateurs on a job with professionals, kill the good workers and rob all shippers.

We need to put people like this beneath us. If we don't screw ourselves by using his company. They need to be shut down, so please, please, please if you're considering using this rip off company known as Father & Son please think it over before it really really cost you $$$. Isn't it bad enough we have to worry about moving? And then to make the matter worst, you put your trust in the hands of a crook.

Let me give you an example, although a lot of you may know already how he works, oops I forgot he's a lil **, he have his trained goons in the office to relay messages. Yes he's a **. He could never confront you face to face. He hides in that office like a lil girl, then he sends his lil crackhead worker louri, or either that clown name Mark, in all actuality his name should be Lurch from the Addams family to do his dirty work. He uses people names to hide behind when it comes to getting your pay. It's short an hour or two, knowing you did a job and knowing how many hours it took to complete the job. He screw up your money and hope you didn't write or keep up with hours so he can say bring in the discrepancy and if you can't remember it's like saying "Stick 'em up", without a gun. You're just robbed.

In fact Ricki Russo is so corrupted I seen him do his own mother and aunt dirty. He charged them as if that wasn't his family. So just imagine what he thinks about anyone else. I'm gonna continue to keep you guys posted!!! Not to mess with this company until the Scum rat bastards close down. Only way you keep him in business is by supporting, him with your hard earned work money. Don't give him another nickel penny dime or dollars ever again.

The ** comes out Staten Island to Newark to try and slave all my brothers. Don't fall for the ** Italian scumbag piece of ** lies or scandals any more. I'm letting you know from a inside experience and trust me I know all the scams and underhanded things about him. My name is **. I'm still a mover, so if you need moving, I can be reached by email ** or hit me at **. Hopefully my comment can touch hundreds and thousands of people to not support this company which is a rip off. Don't be a victim!!

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