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Om Moving - formerly Horizon Moving  March 11, 2017 – 09:51 am
New Horizon Movers: Full-Service Moving & Storage Company
133 W 24th St
New York, NY 10011

We worked with Avi earlier in 2015 for two different moves within the NY/NJ area. We had to move stuff from a NYC apartment and a NJ home into one larger NYC apartment. Timing was very challenging for these moves and our stuff would have to lay in wait until we were ready to move in and Avi/Horizon was accommodating with scheduling. He knew exactly how large our storage had to be by looking/handling our things and with his connections with the storage company, the process was headache-free. Regarding the packing and unpacking, it was done extremely efficiently and professionally. We asked if there was anything we could do to prepare for his guys (I don't know... wrap up our glassware?) and he asked us not to do anything because his guys know how to pack better than we do, likely. If something was found broken during unpacking, there would be no miscommunication about whose fault it was. Fair enough. So packing day was pretty stress free. My husband and I both had coffee in our hands as we casually took in the sight of our apartment full of memories slowly return to its bare bones. Occasionally, Avi would see us, stop, and tell us a story-he is filled with entertaining stories. Anyway, come time to unpack in the new place, the drop off was efficient again. The reassembly of furniture was done well and if it wasn't clear where it was going, they asked and followed through with our wishes. I remember having the large area rug repositioned at least 4 times and we all had a chuckle over it. "Happy wife, happy life, "- they said. Because our experience with Avi/Horizon Moving was so positive, we decided to use them again for our move to California-a much bigger and more complicated move. This was another situation where we had stuff in two different places (I still had stuff in my old apartment across town) and Avi was understanding and fulfilled our request. He came to our apartment and remembered everything - he even pointed out new pieces that he didn't recognize. In days, he had a quote for us. Nobody feels good about a quote of this size - everyone is expensive. But in the end, when you see the quality of labor and the attention given to packing, it really becomes a "money well spent" kind of situation. We had antique windows, mirrors, glass and fragile paintings that required special handling and Avi gave it the kind of attention necessary. We had crates specially made for a cross-country move and blankets/shrink strategically wrapped around every large (and small) piece of furniture. The scheduling was also impressively handled. I guess for cross-country moves, Avi/Horizon moving has to work with another cross-country moving company. We only knew and could vouch for Horizon Moving so we were rightfully concerned with the delivery portion of this move. But once we got back to California (before our stuff), we got a call...

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