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The 10 Best Movers in Pittsburgh, PA 2017 (Free Estimates)  December 26, 2016 – 03:15 pm
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I can do any manual labor project, any housing project, and any gardening project. I can do fencing, gardening, tough-cleaning jobs, dry wall, laying bricks, laying concrete, roofing, painting, floor wax, paint stripping, electrical and plumbing, fixing appliances, replacing windows, etc. I can use any tool, machinery, or equipment. I am also an experienced mover. I have equipment, experience, and skill in cleaning hot tubs (cheaper than doing through a company).
I am strong, mechanically minded, good with hands, do not mind being dirty, sweaty, or physically tired. I work quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, and I have most equipment needed. I am a law school student, 25 years old, and still seeking full-time employment; however, I have the skills to do any job. I am located in east end of Pittsburgh, and I am taking gigs from the Pittsburgh area.
Generally, I charge $15/hr. I am seeking to take jobs on a gig-by-gig basis, or in a part-time role, or in a full-time position. I am open to all possibilities. Please feel absolutely free to call me to discuss details of the job, or job position available, or email me. I may not respond quickly to emails, so please call, and I will most likely be able to do your job. My name is Will, and I am at your service.

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