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Top Notch Logos for Moving Companies  June 6, 2017 – 10:39 am

Successful Logo for Moving Companies1. Jay’s Moving Company – With simple colors and a relatively simple design, this logo has the old-time feel of a sign straight out of the 1950s. For many people, the ’50s represent a time of calm and prosperity before the upheaval of the 1960s. The ’50s were a simpler time, and by using a logo that is associated with that, it helps make Jay’s brand trustworthy and nostalgic. It gives people a classic feel, and hints that the company has history it appreciates. While the ’50s are long gone, there is something timeless about a design like this; it reminds customers that the world doesn’t have to be as complicated as it is.

2. All America Relocation – In cartoons and movies, movers always seem to be rotund, bumbling men who smash the piano in transit. Such incompetence is not the feeling you get from seeing All America Relocation’s logo. This logo shows you a sturdy, strong, and dependable looking guy. He is holding a box we can assume contains someone’s prized possessions, or maybe something weird like the little trinkets from a Grannies’ bookcases. Either way, wouldn’t you want this responsible mover handling your couch or transporting your antique dresser rather than some careless goon? Like the Jay’s logo, this one is a simple design and color palette – nothing complicated or too trendy. Simple is timeless and trustworthy. Flashy is not.

3. 7 Brothers Moving – This logo takes the ideas behind the All America Relocation logo and brings it to the next level. Not only does the logo tell you that as a company, they pride themselves for being “strong, honest, & hardworking” it plays the “my mama raised me right” card. It gives you a mental picture of 7 hardworking and loving brothers who care for and respect their mama. They promise to give their customers the best service possible. There is no denying that a family helping other families move their not just possessions but their lives, is a humble and appealing idea. And, like the previous two designs, their message is delivered through a limited color selection and easy to read text.

4. Alpine Moving Company – Compared to the previous 3 logos, this one has a different feel to it, but that’s what makes it successful. Instead of appealing to the values and mission of the company, this logo focuses more on the geographic location of the company, Fort Collins, Colorado. That is what makes it a successful logo. It’s not trying to appeal to the masses, but to a very specific set of customers. Their customers are people who are looking for a moving company that is experienced with the terrain their territory covers. Unless you have company branches across the country, using a logo to represent your local landscape ties you to your community and lets customers know you take pride in where you work.

5. Atlas – Unlike Alpine Moving Company, Atlas is trying to target customers across the country, so their logo does not zone in on a specific location. They do however, utilize text in the same way that 7 Brothers Moving does. They alert their customers to the kind of service they pride themselves on. Due to the size of their company, this logo is used across multiple branches of their company. The “A” pattern above the “Atlas” sort of functions like the golden arches do for McDonald’s. It’s a recognizable symbol of Atlas’s quality service. If you are looking to expand your moving company, or if you have multiple locations across the country, a logo that is universally appealing is important. Your logo should unify your brand and give it widespread recognition.

Logos for Moving Companies Can Help Boost Business. So Can Tractleads4Movers.

Investing in a good logo for your moving company can help better establish your brand online and away from the internet. A clever and good looking logo gives potential customers as well as returning customers an image to associate with your brand. A good logo can be placed on anything: your trucks, a business card, your website, flyers, t-shirts, and basically anything else you can imagine.

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