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MMA  April 28, 2017 – 04:48 pm
Traci Riehl

New Management Selected for MMA

The Executive Committee along with the Executive Director Search Committee has chosen a new management company for the MMA. We interviewed 3 very strong management companies and we all came to a unanimous decision on which one would be the best to lead our organization. We had a special board meeting on April 6th, 2017 where we approved the hiring of Traci Riehl who is the owner of Riehl Solutions, Inc. They manage a few other similar associations in Michigan and feel with their background and team management approach it will bring a renewed energy level to our membership.

We have included a little background on Riehl Solutions. Traci founded her company in 2004 following 5 years working in the Michigan Legislature for the Speaker of the House. They use a team approach with clients so several staff are cross-trained on the client while still maintaining the autonomous nature of the individual organization. Riehl Solutions aims to keep organizations nimble and provide high quality service for effective boards and associations. Debbie Quintieri will be involved in the day-to-day aspects of MMA’s membership and Maryellen Jansen will lead the conference planning for the Annual Meeting. Riehl Solutions maintains a diverse client portfolio from GIS to education to purchasing officers and attorneys. In addition to Riehl Solutions, Traci co-founded a facilitation center that can be used for MMA board or committee meetings. More information on Riehl Solutions and Traci and the team can be found at www.makeitriehl.com.

Michigan Movers Association
416 S Cedar, Ste C
Lansing, MI 48912

In the next week each member will be receiving a mailing. Please take a close look at the inserts as there is a form that we would like each member to complete. This form will help us to ensure that we have current contact information for each of you. If you would prefer to complete the form online, you can do that here.

Source: www.mimovers.org

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