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Copenhagen Calling: How to hack your move to CPH 🇩🇰🤘🏼  July 18, 2017 – 09:47 am

Why are we doing this?

Copenhagen’s tech community is getting more and more international, which is awesome! But many of our co-workers who relocate still have to hustle hard to get settled into life here, which is not so awesome.

It’s a problem we face at Founders and we know it’s the same for many startups across the community. The issue will only get more acute as we continue recruiting the awesome international talent we need to grow our businesses and sustain growth in the CPH ecosystem.

That’s why we’ve put together a full of tricks, hacks and helpful advice we’ve picked up after welcoming co-workers from 20+ countries around the world. Or, “145 mistakes we made so you don’t have to”. 🙈

The Founders Family is an international family!

Moving to a new job, city, social circle and culture can be a lot to juggle — so let’s make this as simple as possible for our new co-founders, table tennis break buddies and desk mates 🤗

What’s next

This is version one of the playbook. We’ve made a start based on our experience welcoming international talent to Copenhagen for the past four years.

BUT the playbook will only be as helpful as it is representative of needs and issues faced across the entire community which is why we’re looking for feedback and hopefully partners to collaborate with on it as a joint community effort.

We’re aware that PDF is not an optimal format for reading this kind of information, but we wanted to first validate whether there is demand in the community for this kind of resource. If this is something people find useful we’re going to do something much more fun with it!

Sound like something you want to be part of?

We’d love to hear about:

🌭 Issues you’ve faced moving to / helping to settle in new recruits

🌭 What other hacks and tricks we should include

🌭 Whether this would be helpful for you/your startup

🌭 Any other feedback

Just drop me a line on sarah@founders.as 😀

International House

Who we are

Founders is a startup studio based in Copenhagen. We build ideas from ‘zero to traction’ in-house and focus on B2B SaaS models.You might have met some of our portfolio companies: Pleo, Dixie, Son of a Tailor, Maguru or our recent micro-tools for Slack like Walkie or Lurchr.

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