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Swift Movers  April 25, 2017 – 04:58 pm
Swift Moving & Packing Dallas Moving Company - Rowlett TX 75088
1316 Austin St
Bldg A
San Antonio, TX 78208
(210) 371-5766

Arranged the move through the Yelp App messaging center. Smooth transaction and great communication. Movers came the next day and on time. They were very quick, efficient, and courteous. Prices were fair too. Definitely will be using them again in the future.

With Swift Movers, my move in day was well planned and executed. Robert and the other mover were friendly, respectful, and most importantly, swift! :-) the amount I was quoted and the amount of time it took to get the job done was accurate, and my belongings were transported with care. I appreciated working with them and I would definitely recommend them and use them again!

When I found myself invited to no longer live with my boyfriend, I contacted Swift Movers and got a response within the hour via email. Joel also called me to follow up that same day as well. This, and the pricing was the reason I went with them, as I hadn't any recommendations from friends. I have to say, they were a few hours late, but when they arrived they were speedy and polite and handled my things with the utmost care. They also waived the trip fee due to my long wait time and were extremely apologetic. I would recommend these guys for sure!!!

We just had a very excellent experience with Swift Movers. it ended up being a 12 hour move in 100° weather on a Sunday, but the Swift Movers crew stayed at it with great attitude and utmost professionalism; I never heard even one complaint. The owner Luis even showed up to help as evening was approaching. I highly recommend the crew that helped - Mark, David, Marco, Robert, and Tony.

These guys are awesome! Greg and Felix showed up on time and were ready to go within about 5 minutes. All of my items were well protected and showed up on the other side damage free. Very competitively priced, especially considering how professional everyone was. Highly recommended!

Greg and Tony did a great job. Worked fast, took nice care of everything. Recommend for any move.

Swift Movers loaded a 2 bedroom apartment into a16 foot Penske rental truck for me. I had Greg and Felix. They were awesome. Extremely professional and quick. They packed everything in perfectly. I just arrived 1100 miles later, nothing had moved in the truck and nothing broken. I would definitely recommend them, ask for Felix and Greg!!!

Highly recommend Greg and Maruis, these guys were great! Scheduling was easy through yelp, they were efficient and professional and the cost of the move was actually less than expected. I'll be recommending them to friends in the future.

I had a great time with these guys. They were able to get us in for a 3 bed house move on a very short notice. We opted to go for the more expensive package using 3 guys instead of just 2, but it actually ended up going quite a bit faster so I feel like we saved money in the end. They showed up early, got everything done quick, and even waived a couple charges that they said would be included. I think we ended up right around $400 for a little longer than 4 hours worth of moving. They even offered to move stuff around in the new house and help us set stuff up if we liked. Super nice guys. I saw anther guy who used them had damaged items. We had ZERO damage to any of our stuff and I have actually recommended this company to a few people and they've had good luck with them too. Thanks again guys!!

They moved our stuff from a 5 bedroom house into our third and fourth floor apartment. Greg and Felix moved us - They were super friendly and worked quickly!

I got quotes from MANY companies in SA before going with swift movers. They had the best price by far. In this case, you get what you pay for. They were quick, I will give them that. Boxes were not stacked right. Many of them were crushed. They decided to put a chair and ottoman on top of our desk and washer and damaged both. We told them exactly how our couch was supposed to go into the truck (standing vertically) and they waited to put it in at the end where the door was up. Instead of realizing the door was blocking it, they just kept pushing it- damaging the corners. They shrink wrap everything. We shrink wrap what we think needs it beforehand and in our experience movers can pack a truck with it like that and with furniture pads. It just seemed like they were wasting time with the shrink wrap. I said they didn't have to shrink wrap a chair, not realizing he had extremely dirty hands, and ended up with a handprint on a white chair. We have moved many times and haven't had any damage until this move. I filled out the survey on my receipt to say that I was dissatisfied with their service but I was not contacted.

Greg and Hoover were on time, professional and smiling the whole time they moved my stuff to a third floor walk up midday. This was the best experience with movers 've ever had. Others have been late, they've broken my stuff, and they've damaged walls. These guys seemed to really care about their work and I will be requesting them specifically for my next move. Great guys, great company, great rates, great experience! Thank you!

I selected to go with Swift movers because I used them in the past (back in 2013 and 2014) and I had a positive experience. Although they are double the price as other companies, I still selected them because they advertise they offer above average insurance coverage. This recent move was by far my worst moving experience. Two of my LED smart tvs (75 and 55 inch) were cracked during the move amongst other items. The value of the items that were broken exceeded $5, 000. The movers appeared to be moving fast but they were wreck less with my belongings. Additionally, they broke a marble table stand, two lamps, they scratched the tops of my wooden night stands, broke a picture frame and they even tried hiding the broken items in a corner near the closet so I wouldn't be able to see them. We initially only reported the 75inch tv because that is the only item that we noticed was broken. The movers hid the other items behind boxes and furniture so we wouldn't notice the broken items until after they left. Very unfortunate and dreadful experience. Don't use this company, use a more reputable company with higher insurance levels. Although they advertise they offer higher insurance coverage, they don't. This company offers the very minimum insurance coverages which barely covers 10% of damages, if that.

Phillip and Felix were great. They were friendly, hard working and fast. Nothing was broken. They were recommended by several people and I know why. You can't go wrong with this company.

My co-worker referred me to this company to move me from one town to a neighboring city. I received a discount for the referral. Greg & Felix arrived and moved everything in a timely and orderly manner and delivered it to our new address in a timely and orderly manner. Very professional and listened to our instructions to our pleasing. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of movers. All my furniture and breakables arrived in great condition.

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