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ReloCube® Moving Containers  May 25, 2017 – 02:35 pm

The U-Pack ReloCube is a metal, weatherproof container designed for convenience. Simply load your belongings, lock it, and keep the key. We’ll take care of the rest.

Whether your move is large or small, it’s an excellent solution for moving to or from an apartment, storage facility or a residential neighborhood. We’ll deliver as many moving Cubes™ as you need, you load, and then we’ll deliver to your new location. It’s the easy, affordable way to move state-to-state without the stress of driving a rental truck.

Call or click today for more information about moving in a ReloCube, or get a free quote online. We drive. You save.®

Pay only for the moving containers you use

You'll love the flexibility. Reserve as many Cubes as you think you need and pay just for those you use. That means if you think you'll be able to fit your belongings into one, but you're not exactly sure, go ahead and reserve two. If you don't use it, you don't have to pay for it. We'll pick up the empty container at no charge to you. U-Pack doesn't require a down payment or deposit. Just pay by credit card after you load and you know how many Cubes you need.

Perfectly sized moving Cubes

The inside of a ReloCube measures 70” x 82” x 93”, making it large enough to accommodate one room of furniture and boxes. Need help figuring out how many Cubes you need? Our easy Moving Space Estimator tool can help.

Make loading and unloading easier

ReloCubes sit flat on the ground, so you can easily carry heavy boxes and furniture in and out. And, with tie-down points located throughout the interior, securing your belongings for safe transit is more convenient than ever.

Safe and secure

Once your ReloCube is loaded and everything is tied down, just close the doors, put your locks on it, and keep the keys. A professional driver will pick it up for delivery to your new home. You can rest easy knowing your Cube stays closed until you remove the lock at the destination. Need a padlock to secure your Cube? You can buy a 1 ¾” ReloCube padlock from the U-Pack Box Store and get FREE shipping. The Box store also offers a ReloCube Accessory Kit, and several box kit options to make moving with U-Pack even more convenient.

Get delivery right to your door

ReloCubes are the ideal solution when you don’t have much to move or when parking is an issue; they fit just right into a standard-size parking space. We deliver to your location using a flatbed trailer and position it in place using a forklift. Just tell us where to put it—in a driveway, parking lot, or on the street. You have up to three business days to load and unload, and then we’ll deliver to your destination. U-Pack transit times average just 2-5 business days.

Convenient container storage options

Cubes are an excellent alternative to traditional storage facilities. Just load it, tie down your belongings and lock it—we'll pick it up and store it at a secure service center until you're ready for delivery. Read more about moving container storage.

Need more space or flexibility?

If small moving containers don’t work for your move, check out the U-Pack trailer option. It’s an excellent alternative for larger moves or moves that require a little more flexibility. Start with a five ft. minimum, then pay based on the linear footage your belongings take up inside the trailer. You get more loading space flexibility with the same great door-to-door service.

Stress-Free Experience

“We moved from Florida to Hawaii, and when we opened the ReloCube here in Hawaii, it looked exactly like it did when we closed and locked it in Palm Beach. The whole experience was stress free, and I would do this move the exact same way in a heartbeat if I had to do it again. These days it’s hard to believe there are great companies still out there, and U-Pack is one of them!“ - Paige V., Palm Beach, FL

Highly recommended

“U-Pack did an outstanding job with my recent move. ReloCube containers were delivered on time. Transit time was fast, less than a week from pick-up day. Customer service, from pick-up location to destination, was all polite and very helpful. I highly recommend using this company.” - Mel F., Anaheim, CA

Fan of the ReloCubes

“I have been spreading the word; the service I received was exemplary! You now have a loyal customer and a fan of the ReloCubes.” - Sharon M., Denver, CO

Excellent service & value

“U-Pack far exceeded my expectations. From the first encounter with U-Pack through to the last encounter, I was completely satisfied. Every single employee was courteous, eager to help, and accommodating. Even the drivers who delivered and picked up the ReloCube were amazingly helpful. All of my belongings stored in the ReloCube were in-tact upon arrival, which tells me they were very careful during transit. Excellent service and value! I’m telling anyone who will listen.” - Claudia S., Columbia, MO

Easy moving container drop off and pick up

“Without exception, everyone we talked/worked with was cheerful, professional and knowledgeable. We appreciated the ease of coordinating drop off and pick up of the moving container. We appreciated the prompt answers to our questions all along the way.” - Carla J., Anchorage, AK

Source: www.upack.com

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