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Wheaton World Wide Moving  March 8, 2017 – 10:05 am
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My parents decided to use Wheaton World Wide Moving to move from Boston to Seattle. The prices were fair, and the final amount actually came in under what was estimated. The movers were very courteous, friendly, and even went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to helping with our move in. 99% of the items arrived in the exact same condition that we provided them in, but one of our tables broke during the move. However, the representative we worked with, Jessica, helped us get repairs set up super quickly. My parents are now safely moved in with all their possessions, and happy at the new location. Good company. Good value. Would use again.

Never use this company. The head mover knowingly and severely damaged my grand piano. This is the parent company of the firm I used for my move from WDC area to Ormond Beach, FL. The day of the move, the head mover (Eddie) had trouble getting the leg off my full grand piano, so he took a regular hammer to it. The noise was deafening and when I went into the living room and found him ready to strike again, I yelled to STOP. He said he had no choice as the leg was stuck. I requested he use a mallet, but he said he didn't have one. I borrowed one from my neighbor and insisted he use a piece of cardboard between the leg of the piano and the mallet. Upon arrive in Ormond Beach, Eddie wanted to leave the piano (unassembled) in the garage (88 degrees outside, hotter in the garage). I told him no way and he argued with me for several minutes. Upon getting the piano in the house, he indicated he was done and I asked him about assembling the piano. He said there was no room. Granted, there were a lot of boxes, but all they needed to happen was to move the boxes, and voila . . . . room for the piano. He refused and left. I called Wheaton a couple of weeks later, and they sent someone to assemble the piano. But the worst of it: I filed a claim to repair the piano, and several broken lamps and lamp shades, etc. Wheaton denied my claim because I moved from Ormond Beach to Fort Myers before they had a chance to come to the house in Ormond Beach. I called them a month before my move to Fort Myers and told them I was moving (they don't move households in Florida). They told me I had to go through every single box in storage and file the claim prior to my move to Fort Myers. I hired a moving company to help me go through 300 boxes and complete the claim. We completed this the day prior to my move. I sent in in prior to the new moving company ever stepping foot in my home to move me to Fort Myers. Wheaton says that since they failed to get to Ormond Beach the 3 months I was there, my claim is not valid. Really! Who's going to repair my grand piano that their moving guy, Eddie, damaged. Estimates are approximately $2, 500 to fix the multiple hammer indentations and several deep scratches. This company has no ethics!

Our furniture arrived late as we expected to Phoenix from being in storage in Palatine, Illinois. Unfortunately, most of our boxes were crushed inside the truck unlike any of the previous three moves we have made before. Thus far it also is looking like there are a few boxes missing with certain electronic equipment and photographs that are likely irreplaceable. Disappointed.

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